"I no longer want to have lunch here."

Translation:Je ne veux plus déjeuner ici.

April 10, 2018


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Could I alternately say, je ne peux plus prendre le dejeuner ici ?

April 10, 2018


Why is adding avoir not accepted. Is that not a natural way to express that sentence? Je ne veux plus avoir dejeuner ici

April 22, 2018


déjeuner can either represent:

  • an intransitive verb meaning to have lunch
  • a masculine noun meaning lunch
July 21, 2018


I wrote ' Je ne veux pas déjeuner ici non plus' and it wasn't accepted, whereas a similar sentence was. Can anybody tell me what is wrong here?

March 16, 2019


non plus can mean either or neither depending on the context.

non plus can also mean aussi in a negative sense. Compare the following situations:

J'ai regardé le film. Moi aussi! - I watched the film. Me too!
Je n'ai pas aimé le film.
 Moi non plus - I didn't like the film. Me neither

The French expression moi non plus expresses agreement with a negative statement. Note that moi can be replaced by a name, a noun, or another stressed pronoun.

Nous non plus ! - Neither do we!
Tu n'aimes pas le jazz ? Moi non plus.
Elle ne veut pas y aller, et moi non plus. - She doesn't want to go, and neither do I.
Je n'aime pas le jazz non plus. - I don't like jazz either.
Il ne parle à personne non plus. - He's not talking to anyone either.
Elle n'est pas contente non plus - She is not happy either

March 16, 2019
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