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"I no longer want to have lunch here."

Translation:Je ne veux plus déjeuner ici.

April 10, 2018



Could I alternately say, je ne peux plus prendre le dejeuner ici ?


Why is adding avoir not accepted. Is that not a natural way to express that sentence? Je ne veux plus avoir dejeuner ici


déjeuner can either represent:

  • an intransitive verb meaning to have lunch
  • a masculine noun meaning lunch


I wrote ' Je ne veux pas déjeuner ici non plus' and it wasn't accepted, whereas a similar sentence was. Can anybody tell me what is wrong here?


non plus can mean either or neither depending on the context.

non plus can also mean aussi in a negative sense. Compare the following situations:

J'ai regardé le film. Moi aussi! - I watched the film. Me too!
Je n'ai pas aimé le film.
 Moi non plus - I didn't like the film. Me neither

The French expression moi non plus expresses agreement with a negative statement. Note that moi can be replaced by a name, a noun, or another stressed pronoun.

Nous non plus ! - Neither do we!
Tu n'aimes pas le jazz ? Moi non plus.
Elle ne veut pas y aller, et moi non plus. - She doesn't want to go, and neither do I.
Je n'aime pas le jazz non plus. - I don't like jazz either.
Il ne parle à personne non plus. - He's not talking to anyone either.
Elle n'est pas contente non plus - She is not happy either

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