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Please explain the new system

I was ill for a while and had to take a break from duolingo. When i came back i discovered that i was writing "The king and queen have a cat" instead of "The dog eats the chicken on the red table with the blue cloth" disappointing. Please tell me whats up with the new system and why i suddenly seem to have lost all my progress. !!!! I can't access any of the lessons and the "practice" is testing me on sentences i can do in my sleep! also whats with the crowns. Thanks a lot

April 10, 2018



If you read the stickied thread on the forums, "Crowns FAQ" it should answer all of the questions you have, and if not, you can feel free to ask in the comments section there.


no idea i posted a post like this and one parson was able to give me a idea but not much so it would be nice to know more.



Visit the FAQ on crowns stickied at the top of the forums for more information.

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