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"Elle n'a pas entendu parler de toi."

Translation:She has not heard from you.

March 22, 2013



Odd that Duo accepts both "She has not heard about you" and "She has not heard from you" since these two sentences mean very different things in English. Is the French so imprecise that it does not differentiate between these two concepts?

[deactivated user]

    I was taught decades ago that it means about you, and my sentence was marked wrong.


    I wrote...She was not heard to speak of you. Confused by the correct translation.


    It's an idiomatic expression in French. "Entendre parler de" translates to "To hear from" even though it's literally "To hear to talk of". Just something you have to know!


    I translated it to "She has not heard talk of you" and it was not accepted. It is not used that often, but "to hear talk of" is a valid American expression with the same meaning in French.


    "She has not heard of you " is a normal English expression but it also was marked incorrect.

    [deactivated user]

      That has a very different meaning. It means person B has never heard of the existence of person C. In English it roughly translates to Have you heard anything about/from ____?


      Not just American either, Cynthia.


      I put "She had not heard of you." How would you write that?


      That would be "Elle n'avait..." instead of "Elle n'a..."


      "She has not heard talk of you" is exactly how I would say it here in Ireland. Not correct in English I know.

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      Does anyone else find the slowed down sentence (male voice) really hard to understand? It sounds as though he says "elle narke pas entendu parler de toi"


      For some reason, when this is said at normal speed, it sounds like "elle N'A pas entendu parler de toi", but when it's played slow it sounds like "elle N'AK pas entendu parler de toi".

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