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  5. I like the Upgrade!!


I like the Upgrade!!

I have read messages (for years now), about how Duolingo needs to improve (the grammar component in German specifically). Now it's here, But everybody is more focused on losing their gold shields...these are just images afterall, if the learning behind them is better and upgraded.. I'm fine with the changes.

This new upgrade is using an immersion approach with correct grammar, and also a more up to date description of the grammer rules behind it. I love it, its helped me already. I am thankful for this, its a delightful way to brainwash the mind with grammar rules that won't easily be forgotten.

April 10, 2018



I was confused and didn't like it at first, but now I do. I just hope that they add or keep adding new material for the higher crown levels.


i think they have, each level im going through again is getting more complex, with examples and explanations. im happy with it


I totally agree with you. I've had actual classroom lessons of all the languages I study here (except for Spanish) and I wanted to keep practicing and learning all of them on Duolingo, but I really felt like spending more time with German and it seemed like I was never going to learn at least the basics, but now there is so much repetition, which was exactly what I needed.

In addition, because of the eager for a fully golden tree, sometimes I could not spend as much time with German as I wanted, but now with the crowns I know that when I achieve all the crowns, I won't have to worry about it (at least it seems that the lessons will remain golden even after a long time).

But I've got to confess that at first I didn't like it very much. Now I'm loving the progress I've made after the changes. I think that everyone will notice the same sooner or later.

I'm Brazilian and that's why some things may be weird or wrong in my text. Sorry for that.


I think your right, people will get used to the changes and realise how they will improve their skills.


I agree. I am a new learner of German and I have found that the extra practice the crown system has brought to be very helpful.


I agree philosophically, but I did find the golden colours and a long streak quite motivating. Duo has been quite addictive, but the crown system is a big change and I don't yet fully understand it - other than there is now a lot more work to do. There are glitches which may get ironed out, we will see

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