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Keep losing my streak with new crowns

Am I the only one who keeps losing their streak on my iPhone, since the crown system came in?

I have a 400+ run and have lost it twice this week. It is only the streak freeze that has saved me losing it all together. Yet I have completed more than the minimum tasks on both computer and iPhone. These keep resetting, as if I haven't done them. Seems to be the case with both French and Spanish; haven't tried it with my other languages (yet) as I was trying really hard to complete F and S to level 25 - until the crown system came in and changed everything.

Not happy with the crown system anyway (but others are 'exercising' their concerns on other threads), just wondered if this is me only or others are getting similar problems.

April 10, 2018



mine is kinda glitchy but not to bad

Have you tried deleting the app and re-downloading it?


No I haven't because I wasn't sure if it was Duo itself, or me being a clumsy prat. But judging by the number of 'anti crown' comments, many of them mentioning glitches and so on I figured that Duo were having a few teething problems.

Also a bit scared to delete it in case I lose 'everything' in the process.


That's odd. You should report this if you haven't already. Whenever I complete an activity on one device, let's say my computer, I then go on my phone to make sure it syncs up.

Although I think the connection between the desktop and mobile versions is a little funky, anyway. While I have a bit under 400 lingots on the desktop version, I somehow have a little under 1,800 on the mobile app.


Hi Papaourse, I lost a streak of almost 5 years with the new crown system, even though I didn't miss a day, had the streak freeze, and notifications set to send an email if I missed a day (which I didn't, so didn't get a notification). Sent a bug report, but haven't heard back. Also noticed yesterday I completed a lesson and although it went through the completion sequence (awarding lingots, etc.) it didn't update the streak. So something is definitely quirky.

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