"It has not been this hot for a long time."

Translation:Tak horko už dlouho nebylo.

April 10, 2018

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"Takové vedro už dlouho nebylo", is this translation acceptable, or is it (too) colloquial?


I am not sure, but I have reported it. Is there a convenient word for "uncomfortably hot" in English? If not, I think it should be accepted.


I think (as a Czech native speaker), that you do not often accept good translation (e.g. word order or this sentence) Alí


Yes, and it is our task to report these alternatives. However, I must note that there are not too many missing alternatives.


I put "Už to nebylo tak horko dlouho" but it was marked wrong. Can you explain the error? Many thanks.


There is no "to". The "it" in English is just grammatical. What is this "it" what is hot? Perhaps the air or the weather. But it makes no sense in Czech to include it in the sentence.

  • It is raining. - Prší.
  • It is cold. - Je chladno.
  • It is hot. - Je horko.
  • It is the night. - Je noc.

"Už nebylo tak horko dlouho" without "to" is correct, stressing "dlouho".

Of course, if "It is hot" meant "That thing is hot", then it would be "To je horké" in Czech.


Dávno už tak horko nebylo. Is it wrong?


It's correct! "dávno" was missing from all accepted answers. Added.

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