"Les deux populations sont différentes."

Translation:The two populations are different.

April 10, 2018

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The word 'both' is listed as a translation of 'les deux'. Voila 'both populations' should be allowed.

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    I agree with you. In one of the last units, I translated two phrases that are the same:

    "Les deux fréres sont encore vivants." = "Both brothers are still alive."

    "Les deux frères sont morts." = "Both brothers died." or "The two brothers died."


    Agreed. I reported it.


    Is there no way that "populations" could be translated as people? "populations" just makes it sound a bit academic, like your are talking about demography or statistics, and as such a bit useless to majority of people.


    You probably are talking about demographics if you use this sentence. But that's okay, isn't it? Its an interesting topic sometimes.


    Why "differents" is not correct?


    In English adjective form stays the same.

    I am different from the others. We are different.

    She is beautiful. They are beautiful.

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