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  5. "tera' wIleng."

"tera' wIleng."

Translation:We traveled to Earth.

April 10, 2018



Is there not a Daq (tera'Daq) missing for it to mean "traveled to earth"? As I understand "tera' wIleng" only carries information for "we travel(ed) Earth", no?


No. Many of the verbs of motion can take a direct object not marked with -Daq. With most of them, inlcuding leng, the direct object is the destination. If the prefix indicates there is a direct object, the use of -Daq on the destination is optional. If the prefix indicates no destination, or if there is a destination, and an additional location marked with -Daq, then the location marked with -Daq refers to the location where the action is taking place. DujDaq tera' wIleng would mean, "We traveled to Earth in a ship."


Okay, this may be a bit of a stretch, but...I typed in "We went to Earth" rather than 'traveled', and it wasn't accepted. 'Travel' and 'went' aren't exactly the same word, but it seemed a reasonable enough translation.


We generally keep leng "travel" and jaH "go" apart on this course.


chobelHa'moH, tera'

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