"Le garçon a une veste chaude."

Translation:The boy has a warm jacket.

April 10, 2018

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Hot, warm, isn't chaude the same?

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    I would think so...


    When the weather is hot and you wear a jacket, It would be hot not warm


    What's the difference between "chaude" and "chaleureux?"


    Well, the French don't really use it much for objects. It's rare to use it that way. They tend to use it for emotions, discussions, a person, literature. You can use it when referring to wine, though.


    Hot/warm. How is one to differentiate? My answer should be accepted.


    Why is coat, instead of jacket, wrong?


    Coats and jackets aren't the same things, and the French have a separate word for "coat." It's "manteau."


    Thank you. I am a Portuguese (PT) native speaker and we do have "casaco" for coat and "casaca" for jacket but in some parts of the country the latter is not used and "casaco" is used for both. My confusion came from that fact. You are right though.


    The difference may be something like one has a hood and one doesn't? On this game it says "manteau" is a "coat."


    What is the difference here between a jacket and a coat? In English they are interchangeable


    Why is "the boy has one warm jacket" wrong?


    While this is technically correct (and you should submit it to see if it will be accepted), it seems unlikely to me. If the speaker wanted to stress that the boy had only one warm jacket, they would say that. Ex: "le garçon a seulement une veste chaude." However, when the French use "un/une [nom]," the un/une is almost always intended as an indefinite article, and not as a numerical adjective as it might be in English - i.e. "un/une" translates more directly to "a/an" than it does to "one" in this situation. That's what I would guess Duo is trying to teach. There would have to be context to prove that it was being used as the latter, and there isn't.


    Twice now, my answers are right but considered wrong. They copied my right answers.


    What's confusing too: The subject is single but we're required to consider the subject as more than one.

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