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Finished the Irish Tree

It took 180 straight days with lots and lots of repetitions, but I finally finished the Irish Tree. Now to go back and work on all those lessons that need work. Which is all of them.
Keep at it folks, if I can do it, anyone can.

I can't wait to get back to Donegal and have a nice quiet chat with m'uncail.

And thanks to Duolingo; I never dreamed I'd be able to learn as much Irish as I have. Now, the serious learning starts.

Slan abhaile!

April 10, 2018



Comhghairdeas leat, a Sheáin! That's a great accomplishment. For practicing with Irish, I've enjoyed the translated lyrics on ancroiait. Here's an example, Amhrán na Farraige (Song of the Sea):


Go n-éirí leat!


Comhghairdeas! When I finished mine, it was such an uplifting experience. I knew I was on my way, seriously to being fluent in Irish.

Tell your uncail all of us at Duo said Dia duit!


Thanks to all for your very kind words. Best of luck to all of you!


Comhghairdeas, John! Well done. That's an amazing accomplishment in such a short time.

Slán go fóill!


Comhghairdeas to you! You passed a 1500 day streak!


And now they have introduced crowns! I had finished the course on my PC and also finished it under another user name on my phone and am now starting the crowns trail. I want to be able to speak it better as I don't use mic on PC, so have got some good video lessons using the Ulster dialect. Slan


That is magnificent! I can only hope to be like you soon.


Congratulations, John942274! Keep us posted on your eventual trip =]


That's fantastic!!


Comhghairdeas ! Great to see it !


Wow how incredible!! Fantastic job!!

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