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Lesson completed but not recorded, please help

Hi all,

Over the last few days (since changing to the new crown levels and also coming on holiday) I am having intermittent problems when completing lessons in that they are not recorded as completed. This is getting very tiresome as I am completing lessons and getting no XP relative to my daily goal. Is anyone else having this problem ? How can I solve this please ?

April 10, 2018



I have the same problem with the app at the iPad. This morning I did four or five lessons, but now nothing is recorded for my daily goal! I’ve had similar problems every day since the crowns update!


I just had one where I finished the fourth of six (adverbs, level 2), the circle went to two-thirds, but it still said only three completed. I hit refresh, the circle goes back to halfway. Really, I hate adverbs as it is, but this is a bit much.


It's happened rather often to me, before and after the new system was implemented. I don't have the perfect solution, but I've experimented with delaying about 15 seconds before pressing the final key to be graded. The computer may need the additional time (it's less time than what it would take to redo the lesson). If anyone out there knows the exact nature of the problem, please point it out to us...it's sometimes called "end-error" in computer talk.


It may have something to do with the laptop or internet connection...today Duolingo is not in the giving vein no matter what I do or ask it to do. Alas, the only way I can save my streak is to complete some stories.


This issue has been rectified since resuming a normal internet connection at home, therefore it does seem to have been the internet connection (despite no indications on other websites or platforms I was using). Back to racking up some XP :)


Are you on the app (which may have problems syncing with the server), or on the web version? I suppose you do the lessons early enough that the day doesn't reset before your XPs get recorded?

Usually, when something similar happens to me, I blame my Internet connection.


Thanks for the reply. It's not an internet connection issue and it's on the web version. It's literally at the end of the lesson. The circle is turning to process something and it's stuck doing that for a long time. Then it just reverts to the homepage and no XP or lesson is recorded. I've 'lost' about 50 XP this way by just trying to see if it works again each time. Highly frustrating when I wanted to crank up my lessons for a couple of weeks.


I feel you. I had something of sort around the end of last year (lessons registering then number going back, or not registering at all: I remember one particular day having to do something like 22 to 25 lessons, lost count, to be awarded 20), and it was also around quite a big update, so your present pain in the neck could be somehow connected to the rolling out of crowns.

Nowadays, it happens to me that when I hit the "discuss sentence" button, my lesson starts over on coming back: not too bad when I'm on the first three or four questions, cringeworthy when I'm over the twelfth one…

On an unrelated note, this little girl of yours (I assume I'm talking to the dad, not the little one ;p) looks like a rosebud :)

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