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"El soldado" no es lo mismo de simplemente "soldier"; Reporting unreportable error

I just did a lesson in "occupation" and there was an exercise that told me to translate "soldier". I typed in the single word for soldier but it wanted THE solider (el soldado) and not just soldier (soldado). Normally the course is very good at clarifying whether it wants the article, but I looked closely and this was not the case. It's an earlier lesson so I wouldn't be surprised if it wants everyone to get a hang of the gender of nouns, but I feel like it should be changed so it clarifies that it wants the article. The only option to report was the picture not matching the word, which was not the case here, it was just a little unclear.

April 11, 2018



<<"El soldado" no es lo mismo que simplemente "soldier">>


There are a few sentences in the new Spanish tree with this problem.


Can you please post the whole sentence? Thanks!


Yeah, it should probably be changed to "the soldier"


Just to be clear, opening this thread is not the same as 'reporting an error'. There is a link to send a bug report in the Help section, where you can put text or screenshots of problems that don't fit the report button options.

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