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Pronouncing The Letters Z and V in German

Hello everybody,

Here's what I learnt about pronouncingg the German letters V and Z.

The letter Z

Some of you might already know this, but the in German "Z" isn't pronounced the way it is in English, it's pronounced "ts".

The letter on it's own is pronounced “tsett”, and it should not be confused with the “estzett” ( ß ).

The letter V in German

The letter V is pronounced either 'v' or 'f '.

Have fun! AP4418

April 11, 2018



"tzett" should also be "tsett" then, if you intend to read it like English. For the rest I totally agree.

In German I'd write "zett", to be pronounced [ʦɛt].


Hi Max.Em, yes definitely, I've edited that, thanks.


Yes, the choice between f and v for old German words prounounced /f/ that applies to modern standard spelling is quite arbitrary. There are no rules. So 'voll' and 'viel' have v, whereas 'füllen' is written with f.

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