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German Music Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend any German music to me? Recently I've been listening to the likes of Mark Forster, Namika and Sido. I feel like this has helped with my German, and I've noticed over the last few weeks that I've started to understand a few segments of the songs. However, I feel like I have a narrow scope, and I would like to find new artists to listen to.

I'd be very grateful for any recommendations. I usually listen to genres such as indie folk, alt pop, rap, and electropop. If you have recommendations for those genres, or others, that'd be awesome!


April 11, 2018



Joris, Seeed/Peter Fox, Herbert Grönemeyer, Maxim, Clueso, Wirtz, Andreas Bourani are some recommendations.

And if you want so see some language artistry, I strongly recommend Alligatoah, he's originally a rapper but his more recent songs are very diverse.


Vielen Dank! I'll have a listen to those.


Die Ärzte, Farin Urlaub, Die Toten Hosen


Check out Einstürzende Neubauten. Some of their stuff may be outside your realm of tastes, but some may not.. I've found many of the lyrics slow and clear enough to follow.


"Komm, gib mir deine Hand" is a good song by a good band.


You've already gotten Sido ('Astronaut' is my fav) and Mark Forster ('Chöre', 'Kogong' or 'Au Revoir'), and someone's told you already of Seeed (Favs are 'Augenbling' and 'Ding'), Peter Fox ('Mein Kopf') and Alligatoah. Nina Hagen has some interesting music, 'Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen' has a modern, swing remix by DJ ZsuZsu and Wolfgang Lohr that I quite enjoy.

Oomph is a bit of a heavier band. Sorta Korn vibes, but I really like 'Labyrinth' (It helped me remember 'geradeaus' too) and 'Augen Auf'. Kollega is good, and his partner Majoe. 'Von salat schrumpft der bizeps' was a hit, at some point.


Although not in your listed taste of music Rammstein is an awesome German band.

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