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  5. "I do not see him."

"I do not see him."

Translation:Nevidím ho.

April 11, 2018



Why is the correct answer for "I do not see him.", "Nevidím ho." and "Nevidim jeho." is wrong, while the correct answer for "I do not see him but her." is "Já nevidím jeho, ale ji." and answering with "ho" is marked as incorrect? Shouldn't it be the same (at least the first part)? What's the difference between ho and jeho?


No, it shouldn't be the same, they are quite different actually. It is all about the sentence stress. "Ho" is a clitic and must be placed following the second position rule at the first unstressed position in the sentence. On the other hand "jeho" is stressed.


Is this another way to understand: "jeho" must be stressed, and so shouldn't be in the second position, but "ho" is never stressed and so must always be in the second position?


Thank you for the reply. To think of it, the question was actually quite silly of me, being a native speaker of two other slavic languages. When I translate the examples into Slovenian or Croatian I can clearly see the difference (ga - njega). I got misled by English. Oh well.. :) Thanks again, děkuji!


I'm relearning czech since forgetting it after moving at a young age - to me, "Ja ho nevidím" sounds very natural, but I put "Ho nevidím" which was incorrect. So in sentences like these, is the pronoun always necessary?


No, the problem is in the second position rule for ho. You can say Jeho nevidím.


My answer: "ja nevidim ho" was inorrect...i don't understand why; although it may sound a bit clumsy?


See the answer to izopropil.


My answer, "Nevidím jej," was accepted as correct, but I don't understand the difference between jej and ho in this sentence. They're both correct, and both in second position. Is there a difference in meaning or emphasis between the two? I can't tell when to use one or the other. I am using the mobile app. I don't think it has "Tips."


Use your mobile browser to see the Tips.

Here, jej is more formal, ho is more common.


I put "Já nevidím ho" and it marked as incorrect, whereas in the previous question I put "Nevidím ho, ale ji" and it marked it incorrect and wanted me to have "Ja nevidím ho, ale ji". Why is this?


Please read this discussion and also https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24673455. Also, you appear to be misremembering what the correction was for that other sentence. It could not have been "Já nevidím ho, ale ji.", but rather "Já nevidím jeho, ale ji."


Nevidím jeho-incorrect?


It's correct, but be aware that you would only use it if "him" was stressed - contrasted with something else, for example:

"Ji vidím, ale nevidím jeho." - I do see her, but I don't see him.

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