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  5. "Jdeme na zahradu."

"Jdeme na zahradu."

Translation:We are going to the garden.

April 11, 2018



Why is "We are going to a garden" wrong?


"Jdeme na zahradu." normally means we are going to some particular garden and it is clear which one (normally it is our garden or garden of the house we are now in).


But if Im just looking for a garden and someone ask "- Kam jdete? - Jdeme na zahradu (meaning, to a general park)" is it wrong?


Yes, it is. You would say "Jdeme do parku."


Ooooh! Ok, sorry. I meant "zahrada". but, anyway... the disctintion between a general garden and a particular one is in the preposition right?

"Jdeme na zahradu" (Particular) "Jdeme do zahrade" (General)

Is it right?


No, it is always na zahradu. Rarely, in specific circumstances, there is "do zahrady".

But zahrada is not a general park, it is someone's garden, often in the backyard.

Some parks in Prague do have zahrada in their name but they used to be private aristocratic gardens as well.


Ok! Ted' to mám! ;) Díkyyy! :D


Why would one not say jdeme do zahrady, if do/v(e) is used for enclosed spaces and a garden tends to imply some form of enclosed limits?


We simply do not say "jdeme do zahrady" on its own. It is not a preposition that is used in this situation. There is no point searching for any logic in it. English prepositions are often not logical either.

You can use "do" for institutions or parks "do Kinského zahrady", "do zámecké zahrady", but not for your garden where you grow flowers or vegetables.


How would you say 'we are going INTO the garden'? would it still be NA

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