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"Bez chytrých studentů lepší budoucnost nebude."

Translation:Without smart students, there won't be a better future.

April 11, 2018



Why is "There will not be a better future without smart students" wrong?


How did the spelling of "budoucnost" get a "c" before the n instead of an "st"? Yes I know this is correct, but it seems unusual for Czech.


Because it is how it is pronounced. It is pronounced "c", not any "st" or "ts" or anything like that. Etymologically it is derived from the adjective budoucí = future.

Also, there is nothing unusual about that. Adjective ending with -cí or -cný -> noun ending with -cnost. Mocno(st), jsoucno, vroucno(st), you can basically many random new words like this from any such adjective. The meaning is often quite abstract.

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