"Quel est le taux de sucre dans l'alcool ?"

Translation:What is the level of sugar in the alcohol?

April 11, 2018

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Shouldn't "What is the sugar level of the alcohol?" should be accepted too? It sounds more natural than "level of sugar in" to me


From a chemistry point of view, this is nonsense. Is it an awkward way of asking "How sweet is the liqueur?"


No, it's not. How sweet is the alcoholo? = À quel point l'alcool est-il sucré ?

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I put "what is the percent of sugar in the alcohol" which I think more accurately asks the question, but it wasn't accepted. "Niveau" is probably a better word to use for "level" and "taux" for "rate". But "rate" is not typically used in English when talking about alcohol levels/percents. I don't know if "taux" is typical in French.


why not "rate of sugar"


Rate is used for something that changes like the speed of a car or an interest rate. Amount, quantity, percent are all used for things that are static like the amount of sugar in a drink.


But "percent" and "percentage" are marked incorrect here, even though they appear to be what's intended.

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