"Il passe de longues minutes devant la pâtisserie."

Translation:He spends several minutes in front of the pastry shop.

April 11, 2018

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It is telling me patisserie is wrong, presumably because it wants a circumflex which i cant do.


It wants "pastry shop", the English term for "pâtisserie". If you live across the Channel from France, you may use the term on a regular basis. The rest of the world is not so fortunate. [Edit: Having said that, patisserie (EN) is accepted]. BTW, you can do any of the special characters if you want to. Change your keyboard setting (on a Windows computer) to "United States International" and you can type all the characters on the fly: â é è ê ï ù ç. It's easy. If you use a smartphone or tablet, you can just hold your finger on the letter for a second and you will be presented with a choice of options for the special characters based on that letter.


Should "bakery" be accepted? I know quite a few pastry shops that call themselves "bakery"


A "bakery" is "un boulangerie". A "pastry shop" is "une pâtisserie".


Longues minutes sont Several minutes ? Not exactly the same meaning.

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