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I wish there were a way to practice the "weak words" we've learned in Duolingo.

There's a section in the app that tells you what words you've practiced least, but there's no way to practice or review them in an actual exercise. I wish there were..

April 11, 2018



I agree that there should be a way to practice weak words.


You can use 3rd party SRS applications like Memrise (search for the keyword "DuoLingo" to find clone vocabulary courses), AnkiSRS, SuperMemo, etc. to DAILY practice weak/difficult words.


SRS is indeed fantastic.

A word of warning about Memrise: they seem to have absolutely horrible support. They completely ignore repeated queries by users on the forums or via email. If your request to cancel a subscription it would still show that you are subscribed, and they do not confirm on email that it was canceled. You'd do better without something free like Anki that you can adjust to your own needs.


Thank you Thomas for this information! This and the comments above have been exactly what I have been looking for to help me decide whether/if I will continue using Duolingo. A lingot for you!


Thank you for mentioning this. I also think that it would be a good idea. I would like to be able to practice my weak words also.


I use Quizlet if I need more review or if I want to practice terms that either aren't on DuoLingo or that DuoLingo hasn't shown me yet.


I had this exact thought a long time ago, how have they still not implemented something for this, they give you a way of identifying a problem but offer you no solution, what kind of design is that? It's mildly infuriating. I assumed at some point they'd develop that page, but they haven't.

The partial workaround people have suggested doesn't work for me.

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