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What is English and My name is...

The Klingon answers are weird by Klingon standards What is English? NuQ (what is...) ok that makes sense Why have that at the end (some something NuQ?) And My name is Mara might be bugy I've tried several variations of: mara 'oH pongwIj'e'. One time it liked it the other times not...this is really confusing. I have no idea if it's a gremlin (or Tribble in this case) or bug or both or just some weirdness of that lesson.

Anyone run into that? do the powers that?

This one also randomly asked: type out the meaning: (BLANK) litterally that was what came up: BLANK While funny... I don't think that's how that works

April 11, 2018

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The word nuq should be spelled in all lower case with no capital letters. It is a question pronoun that stands in for an unknown noun. Just as you can say ponglIj 'oH "It is your name," you can say ponglIj nuq? "What is your name?" So, DIvI' Hol nuq? would mean "What is English?" As for why the system will sometimes accept your answers and sometimes gives you blank exercises, the contributors (and we are the ones moderating this forum) do not have anything to do with that. If you report them using the speech bubble on the exercise we can look into it, but you may have to find forums related to technical difficulties (rather than the language) to let Duolingo staff know about it.

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