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Does it help to do duolingo in two languages (To learn French, learn Spanish on French Duolingo)?

I am currently learning French and I'm around A2/B1 level. I am only level 11 on Duolingo French, but I noticed that some words I really think and naturally say in French, and most others I am just translating from English.

So, I heard if I begin doing Duolingo in a separate language, with the base language being French, it will help me to force my brain to use my French language skills. Is this a smart strategy, or is this only going to confuse my French abilities given that Spanish has similarities?

Thanks a lot!


April 11, 2018



Think this would have many benfits but it would be hard but at the same time you pick up more complex understanding of both lanauages. I do this with an another lanuage to my own and I pick up many new word faster.


Great, thanks! Do you think I should finish my French tree first before I begin doing that? I don't really have an interest in learning Spanish but whatever, if it helps my French I'll be interested


its up to you, I went on duolingo spanish and learn English and pick up spanish faster, If you know alot of french already give it a try. If you dont have interest in learning spanish that may effect your process I suggest finding a another lanuage which is close to french.


I think it's a great idea. It really helps divorce you from translating to your native language. And you get a twofer. It is more difficult, and with the new system (sans checkpoints), I'm not sure how to tell you when it's best to start that process, but it works well. Especially with two languages from the same family (Portugues/Spanish, French/Spanish, Italian/Spanish), because then the differences are much more apparent.


It is a great idea. I waited until about 2/3 through my French tree before doing it.


Actually I'm learning french using english as base language. This does help me a lot, as it doubles the number of neuronal connections (french-german, french-english) for me.

So yes, if you are sufficiently fluent in a second language using it to learn a third can be beneficial.

Might be difficult to pull off if you aren't fluent enough in your second language though.


Yes. I was in a similar situation as you, I learned French in school, and started Spanish on duolingo. I find doing the Spanish for French speakers course a great way to keep my french sharp while improving Spanish. If you have a fairly solid base in French you shouldn’t get confused. It might even help you to see the similarities and differences. I did the Spanish for English Speakers course first, but that was because it didn’t occur to me to set French as my base language. If I were starting again I would just start with Spanish from French right away.

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