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"Qob ngemvam luDabbogh Ha'DIbaHmey'e'."

Translation:The animals that inhabit this forest are dangerous.

April 11, 2018



Why would you need -'e' in this sentence?


-'e' is not required in this sentence, but can be used for clarification. Without the -'e', the -bogh phrase could be making either the subject of Dab or the object of Dab the main noun (or even implying that both are true). Without the -'e' this sentence could have two possible translations, the other being "This forest that the animals inhabit is dangerous." -'e' can be used to mark the intended head noun of the -bogh phrase, but is optional and not required. In sentences where the difference is significant and you want to specify that only one is true, it is highly recommended to add -'e' for clarity. Since we didn't want to list all the possible combination with the sentence being about the forest in addition to the ones about the animals, we used the -'e' to limit the sentence to only being about the animals. In exercises translating this sentence from English to Klingon the sentence is accepted with or without the -'e'.


So if I wanted to clearly express the other meaning I'd say "Qob ngemvam'e' luDabbogh Ha'DIbaHmey"?


That would mean "This forest that the animals inhabit is dangerous."

A slightly odd sentence, to have a definite "this forest" qualified by a relative clause "that the animals inhabit".


Thanks, that means I finally understood (at least in some way) the 'e'-part. You're right, the sentence sounds odd, it may be better without -vam. I just wanted to have it close to the original sentence.

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