"You have a very natural smile on this photo."

Translation:Tu as un sourire très naturel sur cette photo.

April 11, 2018

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I think "in this photo" makes more sense.


I agree, and saying "on this photo" conjures images of having something pasted onto the photo, rather than something part of the original photo


The English sentence is unnatural.


Do the choices to report something change question by question, or do they just keep changing behind the scenes? I wanted to note the unnatural English sentence, but the option wasn't there. For the first time I did see the option to note that my answer should not be accepted, though, so if that's a new add ... excellent.


So while in English we would say 'in this photo' in french you say ' on this phot' using sur instead of dans?


tu as un sourire vraiment naturel sur cette photo, this sentence seems me more natural in french rather than " very natural " in my mind off course


What is the difference between SUR and SÛR. I used SÛR and was told to watch my accents.


in french we use " sûr " to express something or someone of safe, reliable, steady, sure in generally

for the word " sur " to define a position ( on )

a direction (toward )

a manner, a way ( by )

for introduce a point of view ( I am working on )

[deactivated user]

    "Sûr" > "Sure."

    FR > EN


    Can it not be 'ce photo'? Is there a rule regarding this?


    Exactly - in English it would be "in this photo."

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