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Do not update, instead, you should improve

It was a great application, a brilliant idea. I could learn new words, and review them. I could try to locate a word or practice a specific lesson. I decided what words I know. Instead, although I am at level 3, according to, I think, an algorithm, I cannot even finish a simple review lesson. And my mistakes are not the ones I expected: I write 'students,' but the right word is 'pupils.' When I write 'pupils' on the website, I receive a message that indicates that another correct answer could have included the word 'students.' So, i think I have to remember which word I should use depending on the device I am using. And what about typos, I prefer not to worry about them, but the new system is against taypos. I could not even finish one lesson if I had to review every word, so it doesn't really take five minutes per day As of now, I am looking for an another application or website where I can learn Swahili. Please, please, admit your mistake. Think about improving learning, not updating an app. senbi2002@hotmail.com

April 11, 2018



If we finally get sound for the Swahili tree as well as the errors taken care of, Duolingo and Language Transfer will be a powerful combination for learning Swahili.


Oh my goodness this website is so helpful thank you so much!!! Defiantly recommending this to others.


Oh how I agree. I used to really enjoy my Duolingo sessions, but now that everything has changed I find I am having to repeat the very basic words that I have known forever and then don't have time to continue with the harder ones. I really don't like the new systemat all.


You dont have to max anything out


I need timed practice for Duolingo to be effective, now I have to do a ridiculous amount of work to earn it. I will reach level twenty five long before I have unlocked it for all of them.


It used to feel like an eternity between finishing a tree and reaching level 25. Since the update, I'm already on level 11 in Russian before I've even gilded my seventh skill.


It seems to be the worst at the beginning of a tree, if you try to get all 5 crowns, like I've been doing. Since the old "golden" skill is about equivalent to the new 3 crowns, it might not be worth it to go all the way to 5 near the top of the tree.

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