"Yes, it's cool out."

Translation:Oui, il fait frais.

April 11, 2018

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    You can say "il fait frais dehors" TOO! I mean it's written it's cold OUT not it's cold...


    "Il fait frais dehors" is accepted now. The expression does not require "dehors".


    It didn't accept mine when I put, 'Il fait frais dehors'.


    Oui, il fait frais dehors is not accepted.


    Nope, I just tried it, but got wrong!


    Is there a big difference between frais and froid? Is frais more of an adjective when using it with weather in the same sent...?


    the difference is between "frais = cool" and "froid = cold". Cool is less cold than cold.


    Why isnt it 'Il fait froid?'


    That would be "it's cold".


    « Il fait frais dehors » était refusé. Je viens de reporter ceci.


    why do I have to write the preposition " out " with cold, warm . . . ?

    in french, we say ; il fait froid (ici ) (dehors ) ( dedans ) when we are there

    but, we do not say it when we talk to smomeone who is with us in the same place

    excuse me for my terrible english, i learn it


    No need to apologise for your English, it's very good :) Growing up in England, as I have done, we tend to say "out" when talking about the weather, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary. Certainly people will still understand you if you omit it.

    Interesting to read your comment on the French usage. I've learnt something new, merci! Do keep using the forums. You'll learn a lot from them and can help those of us trying to learn more about your language too. Meilleurs voeux, Ivor


    Oui, il frais hors is not accepted? (Answer was Oui, il fait frais) normally it states the alternatives but it says out is hors so I am a bit confused.


    I wouldn't rely too much on "The hover hints". Hors, does mean out, but more like "Hors de service" = "Out of service/use".

    Dehors, means outside, but it isn't needed in this sentence anyway. I know we often say it's cold/hot/wet etc. out, but I've never heard anyone in France add dehors when saying the same thing about the weather. Hope that helps...


    Ah yes. I've been learning that bit by bit when Duolingo teaches something it's more for vocabulary and not necessarily for how it's actually spoken.

    I appreciate your reply it does help :) Merci


    il fait frais dehors, isn't accepted for some unknown reason -.-


    The only reason is that real French people just say it without dehors. Who told you to say dehors?


    Il fait frais dehors is correct...Il fait frais means it is cool, not it is cool out...


    Why Oui le temps est froid isn't correct?


    it is not usual as a sentence, we can say rather . . .

    oui le temps est à l'orage

    oui le temps est au froid

    oui le temps est lourd ( warm )

    oui le temps est à la pluie

    oui le temps est incertain

    but we can say rather . . .

    il fait chaud

    il fait froid ( frisqué, glacial . . . )


    I would say "it's fresh" for "il fait frait". Or maybe "it's a bit chilly, but not that cold". I can't say that I've ever described the weather as cool. (UK user)


    My answer not accepted although it tells us below that it is now! I like others put.... Il fait frais dehors.


    It is cool out? I always used "outside"


    Dans le sud ouest on dit toujours il fait froid. Ou " ça caille les miches"


    Please remove the 'out' keyword from the exercice , it confuses people as it's not translated in the solution.


    Oui, c'est froid dehors Oui, c'est frais dehors

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