"She is going to shower the dog this morning."

Translation:Elle va doucher le chien ce matin.

April 11, 2018

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"To shower the dog" is an unusual expression in English, even if it is grammatically correct. "She is going to give the dog a shower" sounds more natural.


It's sort of weird in french, too. I used "Elle va donner une douche au chien ce matin" just as you'd say "donner un bain a." And I can prove it's a real usage:



I'll use your expression until someone says for sure that" Elle va doucher le chien " is just as good or is not too wierd. Could a moderator reply please.


Why not the reflexive se doucher?


Because with the reflexive, the subject is the recipient of the action: Elle va se doucher ce matin. In this sentence, the dog is the recipient of the action.

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