"C'est une poule noire."

Translation:It is a black hen.

April 11, 2018

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why not chicken, it's the same thing


Because "chicken" has it's own meaning/word

Poulet - Chicken

Poule - Hen


What is “cock” then?


Chicken is male or female. Hen is female


In English, people are much more likely to say 'chicken' than 'hen'. No-one asks 'why did the hen cross the road?' So 'chicken' should be accepted as correct.


I kind of agree here.


How would you say "she is a black hen".


C'est une poule noire, exactly the sentence in this exercise. French uses the construction "c'est/ce sont" in these cases.


probably 'elle est une poule noire'


Since "poulet" and "poule" sound the same, how are you supposed to know if it's masculine or feminine without some context?


But they do not sound the same: "poulet" sounds like "poolay" and "poule" sounds like "pool".


Thanks. I listened to it again a few times and the liaison between poule and noire kind of makes it sound like poulet.


Also "une" and "un" sound different.


C'est nouveau means 'This is' new - so why does C'est une poule noir mean 'It is' a black hen.


I still can't understand when C'est is "It is" or "There is/are"


i would translate 'there is/are' to 'il y a', such as 'il y a un chat là-bas' [there is a cat over there] or 'est-ce qu'il y a des questions?' [are there any questions?]

ce is a fundamental building block of french grammar, probably as critical to fluency as the word 'it' is in english. once you get it down, itll be easier to use it than to explain it. but for anyone interested in my attempt at explaining it, read on

c'est, ce sont, ce n'est pas, etc all use 'ce' [it] which is also used in phrases like celui / ceux / celle / celles [the one/s], 'ceci' [this] and 'cela' [that]. ce [masculine singular, before consonant sound] / cet [masculine singular before vowel sound] / cette [feminine singular] / ces [plural] all essentially mean 'it' or 'the thing'. ce+elle=celle [it+she=that, fem], ce+lui+la=celui-là [it+him+there=that one there, masc], ce+est=c'est [it+is=it is], etc


I literally put the answer and its saying its wrong


What is wrong with "it's a black chicken" if the correct answer is "it is a black chicken"?


I think this is confusing for us English speakers because when we say "chicken" we mean a female chicken. We wouldn't call a rooster a chicken. The word hen is used less frequently than chicken in English. So I guess it comes down to the fact that poule is the accepted way to refer to a hen in French, where if you say poulet you could mean a male or female?? Correct me if I'm off-base. Thanks.


why so hard what does MOD mean


why is it cest when do you use that

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