How does one spend their lingots?

April 11, 2018


You go to shop. To go there you just need to click the lingot button or go to home and click shop.

Streak Freeze allows your streak to remain in place for one full day of inactivity. It only works on a day that you have not earned any experience.

Double or Nothing you try to get 7 day streaks in a row, and if you do it would double the amount of lingots you earn. If you don't you have to restart again, to do that you have to buy another

Timed Practice, you would have a choice to do normal practice or you try to finish the lesson before the clock runs out of time. The amount of questions you get correct is the amount of experience you would earn. Normally there is 20 questions.

Two Bonus Skills. It is like any other skills.

To spend them you click on the lingot icon at the top and it shows you options, it did have the option to spend 200 lingots to do the acheivement, but since this new crown system came out that option seems to have stopped for some reason, I have 286 lingots and I cannot do the donate 200 to complete the acheivement task. It shows that I have 115/200 when I click on the lingot acheivement shield to complete the big spender and its stuck on that number and now I have completed all the levels and I cannot gain anymore ingots, so why have this at all?

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