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"My father worked in his office every Monday."

Translation:Mon père travaillait dans son bureau tous les lundis.

April 11, 2018



Pourquoi est-ce qu'on ne peut pas dire "Mon père travaillait a son bureau chaque lundi" ?


Ouais me aussi. The first word my Pratique Larousse give for both each and every is chaque. When the example sentence pops up first in French, one learns. When the example sentence first pops up in English, one does the best one can, and one is always surprised when it is green rather than red.


Today (2 June 2018) I got a new message saying "You used the indefinite 'chaque' here, instead of the definite 'le'".

I would have thought that both "chaque lundi" and "tous les lundis" would work here, as well as "le lundi".


yes, what is going on here? Could an expert please respond?


I believe 'chaque lundi' implies 'each Monday' rather than every Monday, however I made the same mistake. Not being a native speaker I couldn't say for sure.


Oui, j'ai dit ca et c'est pas correct


Pourquoi pas “mon père a travaillé”


Would this sentence work? "Mon père travaillait dans son bureau lundi."


No, "lundi" on its own is just "Monday", with nothing to indicate that it's every Monday. Your options (per C.J Dennis above, though Duo might not accept all of them):

  • tous les lundis = every Monday
  • chaque lundi = each (or every) Monday
  • le lundi = Mondays
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