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"Do you have a table on the patio?"

Translation:¿Tienes una mesa en el patio?

April 11, 2018



Patio, deck, veranda, lanai, porch, deck....do we really know the difference between all these outdoor structures? I think the difference between these, at least in English, is very fuzzy.


Patio does not translate as kardon or garden, it is the yard


I don't know what you mean by kardon (is that another language?), but are you saying that patio means the grassy area behind a house instead of a paved area? In American English, yard implies a grassy area, whereas patio requires some structure. In German, Garten can translate to garden or yard.


Why not "del patio"?


If you were asking this question at a restaurant, you'd say tiene not tienes.


why not sobre?

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