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  5. "Sie verdient es."

"Sie verdient es."

Translation:She earns it.

April 11, 2018



Is "She earns it" incorrect here? I was marked incorrect for it.


I think that should be ok since there is no context here.


„Denn er ist der Held, der Gotham verdient; aber nicht der, dass die gleich jetzt braucht.“ - Lt. Gordon


".... den Gotham verdient, aber nicht der, den es jetzt braucht."

  • Der Held, der (subj.) Gotham (obj.) verdient = The hero who deserves Gotham
  • Der Held, den (obj.) Gotham (subj.) verdient = The hero who Gotham deserves.


Danke! But since why is it "...den es jetzt braucht," rather than "...den sie jetzt braucht."

Do not Germans utilize the pronoun corresponding to the noun's grammatical gender? Gotham, implicitly being a city, would surely take on sie, no?


This is a tricky one, since "die Stadt" is female, but the pronoun doesn't refer to Stadt, but to Gotham, and all cities are considered neutral in German, even if the word for city is female ;-). It's just rare to see them written with an article, but you can easily find sentences like "Das Berlin der zwanziger Jahre" or similar phrases about cities that are specified further or used as a comparison (e.g. "St. Peterburg, das Venedig des Nordens").


What does Gotham got to do with "sie verdient es" ?.


Why can't it be : she deserves it..?

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