"I like the little gray shrimp."

Translation:J'aime bien les petites crevettes grises.

April 11, 2018

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Why is the singular form of the sentence not accepted, "J'aime la petite crevette grise"? When I saw the prompt in English, I envisioned standing in a pet store looking at an aquarium. Q: "Which fish do you want?" A: "I like the little gray shrimp."


Reported 13 April 2018.


Reported too, 22.4.


Why in the world is the "bien" mandatory?


My question as well. I thought the 'bien' was added when talking about people to distinguish like from love. I wouldn't think this would be necessary with little grey shrimp.


It's not mandatory. It's suggested in an additional correct sentence if you don't use it.


It's not mandatory anymore, but it was mandatory up until 3 days ago (May 31st) because I reported it (and presumably others did, too).


The problem is, writing a comment here makes it look like it's broken forever. You don't need to comment and report, just report.


Probably my comment was not left in the clearest form, since I was somewhat frustrated at the time, but I think it's good practice to leave a comment. That way, if there is in fact a rule you're not aware of that makes your answer wrong, then somebody replies and tells you the rule.


I had the same question about 'aimer bien' and i found some helpful answer in this topic https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10146748/Difference-between-J-aime-and-J-aime-bien


I believe this exercise needs revision. Use of the "the" in English is an emphatic clarification that one is referring to a single shrimp. If the desired answer (the one given) is plural, please to translate: I like little gray shrimp. Thanks.


The following sentences are ordered from least specific to most specific, with (S/P) referring to singular/plural:

  • I like little grey shrimp (P)
  • I like the little grey shrimp (S/P)
  • I like these little grey shrimp (P)
  • I like this little grey shrimp (S)

Perhaps a different subject will make it clear.

  • I like Burmese kittens - all Burmese kittens in general
  • I like the Burmese kitten(s) - out of the four kittens, I like the Burmese one(s)
  • I like these Burmese kittens - I don't like some Burmese kittens but I do like these ones
  • I like this Burmese kitten - I don't like most Burmese kittens but I do like this one

There are other possible interpretations but hopefully this clarifies the different grammar.


yes please explain why bien is necessary.

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