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System Change

I like the french lessons before the last update to the system! When they are speaking french I can not even understand the words with the new system. I really like the turtle button so I can hear each word. Even my husband that is french said, boy that was fast when you (Duolingo) speak the sentence! I'm sure its not going to change, so I am just bitching!

April 11, 2018



I believe the same. The sentences are way too fast than what is actually spoken for some odd reason.


I used to enjoy Duolingo but not any more. Have just spent ages reporting errors rather than getting to the end of an exercise. I refuse to write something that is blatantly incorrect just to finish an exercise.


The French-speaking people I know all speak very fast.


Unfortunately they put a new version of French in at the same time as the crown system, causing confusion and problems.

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