"La fille ne jouait pas dans le parc avec son amie mardi dernier."

Translation:The girl was not playing in the park with her friend last Tuesday.

April 11, 2018

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Did not play/was not playing, I thought this was how French worked?


Me too. My answer "The girl did not play in the park with her friend last Tuesday" was rejected, so I reportedit.


ma/ta/sa change to mon/ton/son before a vowel sound for euphony.

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    What about s'amie?

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      This is a specific event -- why isn't passe compose used?


      Because it describes an action in progress (the girl was not playing), not told in the sense of a completed action (la fille n'a pas joué = the girl did not play). This is one of the key uses of the imperfect tense. Open this link in your browser to see an excellent explanation of this from the University of Minnesota: https://languagecenter.cla.umn.edu/lc/FrenchSite1022/FirstVERBS.html


      wasn't = was not!


      Duo is playing with contractions now. In the past, this was automatically scored as correct but now it must be entered manually. The automatic contraction in all kinds of places was causing too many false positives so now they will be corrected one at a time. In the long run, it is better this way.


      How could we know her friend was a female?


      because it's amie. the only reason it's 'son' is because you can't have 'sa amie' (because of the double vowel)


      Both "son ami" and "son amie" are accepted.


      I wrote "girlfriend" instead of "friend" in recognition of the feminine "amie," but the answer was rejected.


      I've had the same problem both here and in the Spanish course. I reported it in a few cases (which is the only way it's ever likely to be fixed) but eventually gave up. There are too many places that would need to be changed ...


      Girlfriend is "petite amie". A friend who is female is amie.


      Quelqu'un a-t-il besoin d'un alibi?


      I'm gigged for writing wasn't instead of was not?


      And what about "SVOMPT"?


      The adverbial of manner/place/time can be placed either at the beginning of the sentence or at its end, and an object should precede the adverbials.


      why is this so specific

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