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Translation:that cockroach

April 11, 2018



I like words like that, too.

Others include qoqqoq "the so-called robot", qu'qu' "extremely fierce", law'law' "there are apparently many", DaDa "you act like him", and DaqDaq "at the location".

So you could say DaqDaq law'law' qoqqoq qu'qu', for example: "There are apparently many extremely fierce so-called robots at the location."


I immediately thought of this when I first saw this word last night (in fact, I commented on it elsewhere). I also thought in the very same lesson of ghogho' "Step on us!" (The sentence was about stepping on cockroaches.) Not an exact doubling of the syllable due to the qaghwI', but pretty darn close!


"DaqDaq law'law' qoqqoq qu'qu'," said the Klingon summarising the Star Trek: Picard season one finale


If it's helpful to know, I find exercises like this very helpful. I don't always pick up on homophones right away, especially when I learn them in different contexts, so seeing them juxtaposed like this really drives the similarity-difference point home.

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