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  5. "I see one cat."

"I see one cat."

Translation:wa' vIghro' vIlegh.

April 11, 2018



Why would klingons have a specific word for a terrestrial, alien animal?


To a Klingon it doesn't actually refer to an Earth house cat, but to a family of Klingon animals that greatly resembles Earth felids. None the less, many human Klingon speakers often use the word to refer to the common house cat.


And there's a pun in the word if you're a Pinocchio fan.


For the same reason we have Denebian slime devils, Cardassian voles, Ceti eels, Regulan bloodworms, Bajoran bats, Ligorian mastadons, and a whole host of other "alien" creatures. We apply an English word to an alien creature that resembles its namesake. So Klingons apply a Klingon word to an alien (Terran) animal that resembles its namesake.

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