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It's all part of the adventure

After a few weeks of studying Spanish in DuoLingo there were things about it I liked and things about it I didn't like. Then the big change to Crowns! Now... there are things about it I like, and things about it I don't like. Regardless, I have been able to make good progress learning to speak Spanish.

I have gone down a few different avenues over the years trying to learn Spanish. None of them have led me to the success I was seeking but were adventures nonetheless. DuoLingo has been not only a good adventure but has restored my confidence that I might yet learn Spanish. Switching to Crowns reminded me that every good adventure requires adapting to changes.

I imagine that if I ever finally make it to Latin America there will be some things I like and some things I don't, and plenty of changes to adapt to. Thank you for not letting me get too comfortable on the adventure and challenging me to constantly be ready to adapt.

April 12, 2018



I really love Duolingo. I am not decided on the crowns yet but overall the program has helped me tremendously in learning Spanish. If you can manage to incorporate studying into your daily routine and do the maximum toughness (50 xp per day) you will begin to see real progress after a few months. Of course learning a new language is a slow cook, so give yourself time. I am still learning new things even after 3 years of studying with it.

I have lived and traveled in South America and I could not have done that without Duolingo. Good luck!


Thanks for the encouragement. I've got a pretty good handle on practice with Duolingo. What I am really lacking is conversational opportunities. To hear/comprehend and speak on the fly. Not being a group activity type of guy makes this difficult. I have a few Latino neighbors that put up with me, but I would like to find some other learners that might like to video chat once or twice a week.

Again, thanks for your encouragement.


Hi Perry, Baselang.com might be a great fit for you. They'll offer all the conversational practice you need. It does cost some money though. Aside from that, I'd listen to lots of Spanish speakers on Youtube talking about things you're interested in. Good luck on your journey.


You might try videos on YouTube for listening at least. Search "learn spanish tv extra" and there is an amusing miniseries about an american guy who moves to Barcelona


Have a Lingot Perry, welcome aboard!

Wednesday is another one of our busy days, teaching dancing in the mornings and then we have family time in the afternoon. However, I did find time to complete a section in DL and move up to level 5, ready to start another topic.

El miércoles es otro de nuestros ajetreados días, enseñando a bailar en las mañanas y luego tenemos tiempo para la familia en la tarde. Sin embargo, hice encontrar tiempo para completar una sección de DL y subir al nivel 5, listo para comenzar otro tema.

I discovered that although there is indeed a lot of repetition in the new Crowns system, DL now seems to accept more colloquial answers than before, and also when you choose to practice more you will find some new material suddenly appears, not related to the previous lessons.

He descubierto que si bien hay efectivamente mucha repetición en el nuevo sistema de Coronas, DL ahora parece aceptar más respuestas coloquiales que antes, y también cuando usted elige practicar más encontrará material nuevo, aparece de repente, no relacionadas con las lecciones anteriores.

So there are two challenges – – new material, and bringing the complete tree to level five. That is certainly enough for me, and I’ll be busy working on both from now on.

Por lo tanto existen dos desafíos: – nuevo material, y trayendo el árbol completo para el nivel 5. Eso es ciertamente suficiente para mí, y voy a estar ocupado trabajando en tanto a partir de ahora.

Have a good day today!

Tenga un buen día!


[ My silly blog - Stroll through Spanish with Mel ]


I just checked out your blog, and I think it's pretty nice. Have a lingot!


Thank You Kind Karen, I use it as a notebook kind of a thing, and practising my written Spanish!

Amigos para Siempre! :-)


I had a quick look at your blog (no time to linger long). Quite nice, and a great idea. Not that I currently have the time to maintain a blog, but writing In tandem languages seems like a good way to improve language skills. Nice work.

Also thanks for the words of encouragement. I have lived and worked around Spanish speakers most of my life but never picked up more than the basics. This foray into becoming conversational is looking promising thanks to Duolingo and supportive people like you.


Nice site . I like it when someone writes in Spanish and than the same in English . It is a great test .


The repetition really is overkill in some of the exercises. I just worked through 27 exercises--like 270 sentences of the same thing-- to level up on "Time"'.
"Enero es un mes del año." "Marzo es un mes del año." "Mayo y junio son meses del año." "Abril es un mes del año." "Septiembre es un mes del año." People say you don't have to do it--that you can just skip to another subject, but that's not really the point. The point is I want to get to the more difficult content, and to get there, I do have to waste a ton of time getting through stuff I already know backwards and forwards, in my sleep even.
That really is my only complaint with the new Crown program.
The good news, I suppose, is that I'll only have to do it once. =)


That's the right attitude! ¡buena suerte!


I loved the crowns from the get-go!

Perhaps I am less obsessed with keeping the crowns gold than other people are. My outlook is that there is always room for improvement, even if you are an expert. Even with a solid gold tree, you could still have learned more. And I did like the fluency meter but it really was not accurate.

My strategy:

I have gone back and leveled up every crown I'd already obtained until I can do a whole level up with no mistakes and no outside referencing or scrolling over words. After about 7 or 8 sections, it is consistently taking me to level 3 and then I move on. I will progress through my tree that way and it really works great for my learning style. I'm sorry to hear that so many others dislike the new crown system so deeply!

The "drills" are still working until you can do something without thinking about it - then and only then does it graduate to the level of useless repetition. Not all repetition is "useless".

And yes, TinyCards are cute but I'd rather run up my XP!

Stay gold, Ponyboy! (pun intended)


Fui sorprendido cuando el cambio ocurrió. Pero, está bien. Puedo adaptarme y ahora tengo mucho más para aprender y me encantan los cuentos ellos han añadido también. Sin embargo, no me gustaba el nivel de fuidez en duolingo, jamas. Terminé el arbol de español el abril pasado con 51 y no podía aumentar el nivel más alto. Así es la vida...supongo.

I was surprised when the change occurred. But, it's ok. I can adapt and now I have much more to learn and I love the stories they have added as well. However, I never liked the fluency level on duolingo. I finished the Spanish tree last April with 51 and could not raise the level higher. Such is life...I suppose

Tengo que obtener una fluidez de avanzado bajo o nivel siete de ACTFL para mi trabajo. Ahora, con los últimas pruebas en febrero, estoy nivel seis o intermedio alto y es posible que vaya a pedir me trabajo en junio. Sin embargo, hay otros y estoy feliz que comenzé mi aventura para aprender español aproximadamente hace tres años de escolar en mi tiempo libre. Ahora, puedo disfrutar muchas cosas de español como libros más avanzado y he tenido muchas oportunidades de español como compartir mi aprendizaje con mis propios niños y viajar a lugares como Guadalajara y platicar con gente allí en su idioma.

I have to obtain a fluency of advanced low or level seven from ACTFL for my job. Now, with the last tests in February, I am level six or intermediate high and it is possible that I could lose my job en June. However, there are others and I am happy that I started my adventure for learning Spanish approximately three school years ago in my free time. Now, I can enjoy many Spanish things like more advanced books and I have had Spanish opportunities such as sharing my learning with my own children and traveling to places like Guadalajara and speaking with people there in their language.

Disfrute su aprendizaje. ¡Es una aventura maravillosa!

Enjoy your learning. It is a marvelous adventure!


I also personally don't like the crown update very much... Although I think I would have been better off learning Spanish without the crowns.

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