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Where is the "TEST OUT" option?

Since the change to crowns, there seems to be lots of redundancy to the lessons with no options to test out. For example, in the "basics" they review nina, nino and manzanas ad nauseum!!! There are other fruits!

April 12, 2018



Crowns currently have no "Test Out".

See the offical statement from Luis in the "Crown system improvement" thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26650780$comment_id=26657203

If the both Basics skills are already on crown level L1 (L4 + L2 for you), you can not add "/test" to the skill URL to test-out (works only for unlocked/coloured skills).

However, if you directly open unlocked/coloured/L0 skills with this URL http://www.duolingo.eu/rqbman/progress you can use the "Test Out" to crown levels L1.

This would work for your new unlocked skills:

  • Feelings @ 50% +2 lessons Practice
  • Verbs: Present Perfect +10 lessons


Yea it's definitely counter intuitive with basics. Brought it to crown 4, saw that there were 15 lessons for 4 -> 5 and said no thanks. With all the repetition of the basic words, it's just not worth it. I was really hoping the higher levels would rope in more vocabulary and harder - if still "basic" - concepts.


I just confirmed that this link lets you test up to the next crown by lesson. Just replace yourname with your your name...



I wish I knew. But i'm pretty sure the only way to test out your skills is at the bottom where it says Test Out of ___ Skills. Otherwise I don't think you can test out on a specific lesson.


What level is the Basics skill?

Duo has all your statistics such as how many errors you have made how many times you have practiced etc etc and have set the skill level accordingly. Usually most people are set to skill level 3 although I have one or two at level 1 and level 2.

It seems like an automatic test out on initial upgrade.

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