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IOS version is an old tree and PC version is the new tree.

Hi, My apologies if this topic was raised someplace else but my mobile French Duolingo course is different. the IOS offers the old tree and the desktop version offers the new tree with stars and all.

My question is how do I train myself, if before it was nice and easy, now everything seems rather complicated. I am looking for some suggestions on how to work my tree under those circumstances?

Thanking in advance, Stan

April 12, 2018



duolingo team pleases any comments?


Chances of the Duolingo team saying anything is pretty remote! They seem oblivious to everything on the forum, or they choose to bury their heads in the sand....

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I had this problem when I got the update to the crown system. Then it occurred to me to check the ap store on my phone, and there was an update waiting for the duolingo ap (along with about half of the other aps on my phone...it had been awhile!). Once I updated the ap, the crown system was on my phone as well.


thank you, after all the new principle is not that bad, I am starting to like it.

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