Stories in Japanese?

I know the Japanese course is in beta so it probably won't make much sense to have stories for it quite yet on this site but if you were to do so, could you guys consider the story of ハチ公, 像のトンキー, or ごん狐? I've read all 3 in my Japanese class and I think these would be very good for learners :) If not the full versions, simplified versions should be okay. And if anyone has other Japanese story recommendations, please post them! :)

April 12, 2018

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this site is good:

They use easy sentence structures and they publish every day(except weekends). It is possible to turn on/off furigana. It is a very good site to practice Japanese for high-beginners/low-intermediate like me.

btw: I doubt that duoling staff will add stories made by someone else, because of legal stuff.

April 12, 2018
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