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I totally dislike the changes, especially having to click on words to form the answers.

April 12, 2018

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I have to admit that wordbank is a great innovation for when I am doing duo but also watching tv or something. I have improved my spelling using it. But I plan on not using it to complete the crowns because I feel like the words on offer are very suggestive, and at times I have worked out the correct sentence without necessarily knowing it. That is also a form of learning - i.e. it really helps with learning word order for me - the corrections seem to sink in much more efficiently for some reason.

If I could suggest something to the (brilliant, thanks for the course!) mods: consider more instances where there is genuine choice between words in the wordbank.

Some of the later lesson have the indefinite and definite options of the word (and I trip on them regularly!) and it has been very good for me to train my brain to recognise the definite article as being a suffix.

In some wordbanks, there may only be one noun, and 'gaming' the solution becomes quite rote.

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