"What does this storekeeper sell?"

Translation:Que vend cette commerçante ?

April 12, 2018

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I didn't think we could reverse verb vend with "ce commerçant", only with a pronoun.

Qu'est-ce que ce commerçant vend?

seems like the more natural French way.


And I wrote "qu'est ce que vend ce commeçant was was marked incorrect. Since the first phrase means "what" I do not understand why the only acceptable answer is "que vend..." Sitesurf, can you clarify, please?


you can say: Qu'est-ce que ce commerçant vend

When asking a question with what as either the subject or object, the French equivalent is the interrogative pronoun que. As the object of a question, que may be followed by either inversion of a verb or est-ce que (in other words the question starts qu’est-ce que)

When you use qu’est-ce que you don’t need inversion whereas just using que you need inversion. Both types of question are equivalent. Statistically qu’est-ce que is used more often.

Also note when que is the subject of a question it must be followed by est-ce qui (where , qui is simply acting as a relative pronoun with no actual meaning of its own)


Sorry, but TMI. To avoid confusion, "Qu'est-ce que ce commerçant vend" is also a correct answer. Is that what is being said?


"Qu'est ce que vend ce commerçant," was marked correct. 2-28-2020


yeah, I tried the same translation as you did and got it marked as wrong, don't understand why


Normally using inversion as a way of asking questions takes the form: conjugated verb + hyphen + subject pronoun

However, when the subject is a noun phrase (i.e. not a pronoun), it may be inverted directly with the verb if:

• the question word is short, such as où, que, etc.
• the subject noun phrase does not clash with the object

the general construct is: conjugated verb + person


Où travaille ton père ? - Where does your father work ?
Que veut dire ce mot ? - What does this word mean ?
Que fait ton futur mari ? - What does your future husband do?
Que fait votre tante ? - What is your aunt making ?
Qu'ont bu les étudiants ? - What did the students drink?
que dit votre oncle ? - what is your uncle saying ?
que veut mon chien ? - what does my dog want ?


I also tried "Qu'est-ce que ce commerçant vend?" and it was rejected. I have reported it.


Would it also be correct to say, "Que vend-il ce commercant?" I'm not clear as to when to leave out the pronoun.


Yes, please! I have the same question.


Ce commerçant vend quoi ? Accepted :)


I am sorry but why not Quoi?


"Quoi" is only used at the end of a sentence.


'Qu'est-ce qu'il vend ce commerçant should be accepted.


Ce commerçant vend quoi" was accepted


I tried a different form this time: "Ce commerçant, de quoi vends-il?" DL: "Non"


I tried, "Ce commerçant, que vend-il ?" DL 'Non' aussi !


cette and commerçante are not in the answer options! But they have been written as the correct answer.


What's the difference between "quel" and "que""?


I believe that "que" means "what," and Quel means "which." The word "which" implying a limited choice, such as Quelle est la date? The date is limited to 365 choices.


....unless the date requires a year, then there would be virtually unlimited choices

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