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Er liest ein Buch.

I have one confusion sometime it says he is reading a book or he reads a book .Whats the difference of this in german in reading n reads ?

April 12, 2018



non, because german does not have a continuous present time. so both would translate as er liest ein Buch.


There is no "is reading" progressive form in German, so "er liest" can be translated as "is reading" or "reads" based on context.


as the others said there is no progeressive form in german. But if you want to express "he is reading a book" you can use "er liest gerade ein Buch" which literally translates to "he reads (is reading) a book right now".


there is no difference.


It is normal that you are confused with it because I was confused when I learned English.

The Difference is actually a question of time.The english Speakers have a language which is sometimes more precise at the timeline.

A german would agree on both being the right answer but a Scietist of the German Language would disagree that It makes no difference.You could translate he reads a book perfectly with "Er liest ein Buch" but on the other Hand if you say he is reading a book you would say something like "Er ist ein Buch lesen(d)".

The last form would Sound strange to a german like when Michael Fassbender orders 3 Beer with the wrong fingers in the movie and you would Sound like a foreigner with saying "Er ist ein Buch lesen(d)".

Be safe and say Er liest ein Buch.

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