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"I had felt very cold that night."

Translation:Mir war in der Nacht sehr kalt.

April 12, 2018



crazy sentence on such a low level. So how does one differentiate THAT night from the slightly more poetic IN THE NIGHT or AT NIGHT, a much less specific term?


That's why I opened this discussion too. Mir war in der Nacht sehr kalt sounds like something I'd say to express how I felt last night. Hope someone answers. And since DL no longer notifies us for answered questions, hope we come back to this page and see the answer. :(


Is "in der Nacht" the same as "THAT night"?


Yes, it sound more like AT night or LAST night to me.


I am clueless :( Can someone explain why "ich hatte gefuhlt der Nacht sehr kalt" doesn't work ?


Because it is wrong.

You can say 'Ich hatte mich in der Nacht sehr kalt gefühlt.'

(I don't know if it is accepted though, It is way more common to say 'Mir ist kalt' than to say 'Ich fühle mich kalt'.)


Because you cannot "feel" the night. Then there are other errors too.


I'm confused by the English sentence. Why does it use the pluperfect instead of the simple past? Why not just say: I felt very cold that night.


Agreed. I guess you can argue that there is missing context, e.g. the speaker is telling the story about how they got sick? And yet the simple past would still be more common. Maybe this sentence was made up by one of those Pearson contributors, or by a volunteer who is a native German speaker.


In der Nacht war mir sehr kalt was rejected. Is it wrong?

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