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Does the abilty to practice again time availble?

I can't find this option in the new system in French. When I enter, I have only the regular option. Can someone explain it?

April 12, 2018



If you are referring to Timed Practice , it is still available. The blue "Practice" button under your daily graph , will give you a seemingly random timed(or untimed) practice.

Once you get to 5 crowns on a section , the "start" button becomes a "practice" button.This will take you to timed practice. So at this point it works the same as before.

Hope this helps


ohhh - THANK YOU ! I had not noticed that before !


Thank you tech274, you answerd all!!!


What tech274 said.

Be aware that timed practice for individual "passed" lessons will be available only after level 5 is reached for that lesson. Also you cannot repeat a lesson you have just (or previously) completed. Duo has just about completely removed any flexibility in studying these lessons.


It didn't answer. In the past, you could work against the clock. If you didn't do it fast enough, it stoped. What happend to this now?


Please read the wonderful post by tech274 above :D

I was so glad to hear about this ! I had not noticed it before.


De rien. Et merci pour le lingot !

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