"In Deutschland leben viele Menschen aus der Türkei."

Translation:Many people from Turkey live in Germany.

April 12, 2018

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Can anyone explain why they change the sentence order in English? Because, "In Germany live many Turkish people, .." is probably how I'd begin to make a point. Are restricted word order rules taught, because I see this pattern often now and without any justification in tips


Native English speaker here. Grammatically, your sentience is acceptable, but awkward.


That word order is grammatically incorrect in English. It would be: "In Germany there live many Turkish people..." Also, you certainly wouldn't translate, "Das mag ich nicht" to "That like I not." Word order is just one of those things you have to learn. I also wouldn't try to try to translate sentences verbatim but rather focus on the meaning.


I said 'Turkish people' instead of 'people from Turkey' - not an exact translation but i think it should be accepted


    When Duo gives you a more complicated sentence, try to keep the sentence structure intact if it still sounds natural (so you learn to express things in different ways - sometimes there's a subtle shade of meaning that is intended). I would argue that "people from Turkey" is fine, and hence you should translate it this way.

    That said, "Many Turkish people live in Germany" is already in the database, so perhaps you had an unintentional mistake.


    Yes I think I made a typo or something - thank you


    I wrote In Germany there are many people from turkey What's wrong with that answer?


    They aren't just there, they are living there - sort of the same thing, but not quite what the sentence says


    I did the same thing, but they're looking for a specific verb: live.


    I thought about and rejected the English translation that is given as correct, because that phrasing can be taken to imply a large part of the Turkish population is living in Germany, as opposed to a large number of Turkish people living in Germany.


    This was basically the most painful thing imaginable lmao. I kept saying some kind of "many who live in Germany are from Turkey" or "In Germany, many people are from Turkey", and it kept saying I was wrong. I obviously wasn't THAT wrong at all, considering I knew exactly what the idea gotten across was, I just didn't say it incredibly meticulously.


    I obviously wasn't THAT wrong at all

    Well, but you were still wrong. Keep in mind that Duo is a machine, and the only translations it accepts are ones that have been added by hand by humans. Your answers might be close to the point, but they're not close enough that I would ever expect a human to add them to the database.

    The expected solution ("Many people from Germany live in Turkey") is actually a pretty natural-sounding one, and pretty much word for word from the German, with a little rearrangement.

    I just didn't say it incredibly meticulously.

    Because of how Duo works, you may simply have to be a bit more meticulous. Duo is unfortunately not smart enough to recognize close solutions.

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