"These large clouds worry us."

Translation:Ces gros nuages nous inquiètent.

April 12, 2018

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Ok, so I have learned that 'grand' is for big in height and 'gros' is for big in width but why are these clouds 'gros' not 'grands'? I would suggest that a tall thunder cloud is much more concerning than a general cover of cloud.

Can someone explain why 'grands' is incorrect here please?


There are several words that mean "big" but have slightly different versions in French:

  • grand : general term for "big" but used to mean "tall" with people
  • gros : "big" in terms of being thick or fat (this is the adjective of choice when referring to a cloud).
  • large : "big" in terms of width, e.g., a street, a river, etc.


Thanks. So it seems that it is just convention.

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