"This dress is very simple."

Translation:Este vestido es muy simple.

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What's the difference between "esto" and "estes"?

9 months ago

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esto = this (pronoun). There is no noun after esto since it's a pronoun. It's used to refer to a genderless situation/action/event... For instance ¿Has visto esto? = Have you seen this? or Esto es fácil = This is easy.

The word estes doesn't exist in Spanish, so I guess you meant este. Well este = this (determiner) or this one (pronoun). It's a determiner when it's followed by a masculine noun, for instance Este vestido = This dress. It's a pronoun when it's not followed by a noun, and it refers to a masculine noun. For instance ¡Mira los vestidos! Este es rojo. = Look at the dresses! This one is red. In this case, it's also common to write it éste

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Is there a good reason why Duolingo won't accept "sencillo" in place of "simple"?

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