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Really don't like the new crown system. Irritating nonsensical multiple repetition of a singleword.

April 12, 2018



You are right.. But it's better than previous which didn't gave us the completely true fluency...

Even;;It helps you to memerise words clearly..


Got to agree with Julie about irritating repetition. Also think its a big mistake to lose "skill decay". Finally, its a real pain to keep track of where I am up to as I work down the tree without the "Golds" I am trying to persevere but I'm not sure for much longer. Sorry, Duolingo but you've really botched up something that was working very well.


I know. I'm confused as to why it's still up. The duolingo admins are generally very attentive people, they should've noticed this isn't a hit.


If you're seeing a lot of repetition, try going on to a different lesson and see if it helps?

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